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marco.gifCompany owner Scermino Gioielli, was one of the first in Italy to present and sell on high quality jewelry made with diamonds and precious stones in his store notedalcuore, thus confirming a record that has lasted for over twenty years, as evidenced by the countless ones feedback received by thousands of absolutely satisfied customers. His professional competence as a goldsmith designer allows him to translate the customer's idea into a high jewelery product, where creativity and technique are combined. Her so-called "fashion" or "trend" jewelry projects are the result of studies and research relating to different cultures and traditions, which are reinterpreted according to the needs and contemporary aesthetic canons.

This allows the product to acquire an expressive peculiarity and a lasting value over time.

The success of a jewel and its style therefore stems from the harmonious union of all the factors that are considered in the course of its design.