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Solitaire Ring Classic and refined,
this piece offers understated elegance and unsurpassed comfort,
highlighting the diamond.
Designed with diamonds from the smallest to the largest in mind, without sacrificing stability.

Product Details:

Diamond Caratings: 1 carat

Diamond Color: D

Diamond Clarity: VVS2

Diamond Cut: Round

Metal Type: White Gold

Metal Carat: 18K

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The Solitaire Ring from Scermino Jewelry, is one of a kind for every taste and style. If you are looking for Engagement Rings that are right for you, you are sure to find them with us. Each of our products is created with attention to detail in order to satisfy every customer!

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Solitaire Ring

A perfect Solitaire Ring allows your gorgeous diamond to take center stage so everyone can admire it with you. Browse our elegant solitaire rings featuring the latest high fashion designs and find the one that perfectly tells your love story.
Can you do better than perfection? Well, that's a tall order. Those who are attracted to the sophistication of a solitaire ring know their mind. He knows what he likes and reveals a confidence that comes from a developed sense of style: don't follow, but lead the way with your effortless elegance. There are so many ways to personalize your solitaire ring, we let you decide how you want to show your style. Rose gold or platinum may be your heart's desire. But also princess-cut diamonds or a romantic heart-shaped stone. Your choice will be simply perfect.
The appeal of the solitaire ring is evidenced by its continued popularity. One thing is certain. A solitaire diamond Engagement Ring is timeless in its elegance. This means that decades from now you will still be in love with your classic solitaire ring. Whether you choose the classic round brilliant center stone or special shapes such as oval, marquise or even a heart shape, your star diamond will look priceless because of its presentation. A solitaire Men's Ring also pairs perfectly with many wedding bands you can choose from. A simple band of the same color and finish as the gold from which the solitaire ring is made becomes a perfect ensemble.
But don't forget that there are many other wedding band options that perfectly match your solitaire ring. For example, you might decide to purchase a band wedding band, also known as an enhancer. This is a centerpiece that makes your solitaire engagement ring look much larger. Who doesn't want that? Finally, you can personalize your solitaire engagement ring by choosing the metal color and carat you want. And with the many diamond shapes to choose from today. 

A solitaire ring is a ring that features a single diamond or other gemstone mounted on a white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum band. The diamond or gemstone is usually supported by 4 to 8 clasps and placed in the center of the band. These rings are very popular as engagement rings, as they represent love and eternal commitment between two people.

The solitaire ring was popularized in 1477, when Archduke Ferdinand of Austria asked for the hand of his future wife, Princess Bianca D'Este, with a solitaire ring with a diamond. Since then, solitaire rings have become a classic symbol of love and commitment and have been used to celebrate many special occasions.

Diamond is the most common stone for solitaire rings, but other gemstones such as emerald, ruby, and sapphire are also used. The size and quality of the diamond or gemstone used can vary greatly, giving solitaire rings a wide range of prices.

Most solitaire rings have a yellow, white or rose gold band, but some can be made of platinum, which is considered stronger and more durable than gold. There are also many different styles of solitaire rings available, from classic to more modern and extravagant designs.

In summary, the solitaire ring is a classic and elegant piece of jewelry that represents eternal love and commitment. It is a popular choice for engagement rings but also as a gift to celebrate a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary.

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